MVL/Enterpreneur’s Relief

There are a number of avenues that you could follow if you wish to close a solvent company. A Members Voluntary Liquidation, or “MVL”, is a legal process whereby a solvent company is wound up and dissolved. In simple words, MVL is a tax efficient means of closing your company and unlocking the capital.

Take advantage of the tax benefits of an MVL. Suitable for contractors andcompanies with cash assets – MVL iscompetitively priced and we can move quickly to put your company into liquidation. We will not ask you to transfer company funds to us, instead we use the distribution in specie process with funds distributed on day one of liquidation. At 3Es, our liquidation experts provide a trusted, discreet and expeditious service.

Mortgage Accounts

Choosing a suitable mortgage accounting partner is very time consuming because of the variety of mortgage products available. You may be purchasing a property for the first time or re-mortgaging against an existing property, we have the necessary experience to help you get all the accounting formalities in order and also advise you about the best suitable deals for your specific needs. We ensure that clients understand all the types of mortgages and know the effect each one of them will have on their future plans. Our team of advisors explain all the details without the jargons and ensure that whatever decision you make is thought through.

Insolvency Services

We have been offering our clients with practical and independent advice that helps them stay afar from underperforming or those looking at the danger of insolvency in the face. Every business has a specific need and we take that into account while designing a solution. Our team of talented professionals is adept at delivering a plethora of insolvency services to help you keep business afloat. We understand that delivering top notch quality services is essential to any and every business; and for this to be true we understand your business model thoroughly to help identify any areas of improvement.

Entrepreneur’s Tax Relief

Our tax solicitors specialise in reviewing your position and inform the same to you with all the facts and figures. 3Es specialises in handling unquoted shares within private companies and as a result of doing this we have an exhaustive experience along with a proven track record of achieving success. We take care of all tax issues and carefully draft and review all legal documents for you – in turn helping you cut down on having multiple advisors. If the need be then you can count on us to negotiate the best deal for you, as a result of our negotiation experience gathered over the years.

Tax Efficient Investment

The experience financial advisors at 3Es provide clients with an efficient tax investment services that helps recognize general and specific financial objects. Once we have identified your sizeable and measureable goals we work towards steering you towards the most efficient investments which will help you with Tax savings. We take a comprehensive approach to tax investments planning and provide you with a tailored strategy that delivers results across a range of variables. It is our assurance that our clients maximise on their tax investment and encounter minimal risk in the process.

School Fees Planning

We acknowledge that private education, school and university comes at a steep price with fees increasing practically twice the inflation, in turn making early planning essential. We offer an approach towards school fees planning that is way beyond the usual advice of making investment, as offered by various people in the financial market. It may be any route that you plan to take in context to school fees, planning is an essential component. Our team of financial advisors understand the goals you have in mind for your child’s education and according to that suggest you the best route in order to maximise your savings and ensuring that your child has a secure future irrespective of the economic conditions.

Overseas Tax Planning

You may be doing business overseas or planning to live outside the United Kingdom, our overseas tax advisors are experts in helping clients save taxes both UK and non UK. The structure of your overseas personal and company business determines the impact on your tax pay out. 3Es offers cost-effective, efficient tax planning services for overseas individuals and companies. Coordination of overseas tax planning across jurisdictions is of utmost criticality. Our teams consist of accountants having expertise in tax planning who ensure that you are compliant with all tax protocols across the globe.

Wealth tax Planning

We are accustomed to working with high-net-worth individuals and providing our wealth tax planning services. At 3Es we practise a personal approach with tailored solutions catering to your needs. Our team of experts makes an effort to devise a comprehensive plan which preserves your wealth and in turn passes it down to your beneficiaries. We offer clients the flexibility of tweaking their plans based on changing goals and circumstances. Our affluent clients are ensured at each step of the process so as to make them aware of any and all changes taking place, to help them save on taxes.

Business & Personal Loan

If you are looking to secure a business or personal loan to provide the financial stability and push required to achieve your goals, plan for your imminent retirement, or are simply looking towards preserving your current estate, then our financial advisers are the ideal people to help.
We ensure that all the business and personal loan options available, are carefully scrutinised and help you in taking a concise decision. Our financial advisers study all the intricate details pertaining to loans and ascertain that all terms and conditions specified are favourable to you. We acknowledge and are no strangers to how complex the terms of a loan can be for clients; the financial advisors take care of all these complexities for you.

Outsourced Book-keeping & Accounting Services

3ES is a specialist accounting and financial service provider. We have over 12 years of experience of working in the UK for businesses across varied sectors. We possess a qualified team of Chartered Accountants and finance specialists who work dedicatedly to provide reliable, timely, and affordable services. If you’re looking to increase value and reduces the costs of functions that aren’t directly related to your business or If you find that you’re spending too much time on bookkeeping and accounting rather than other aspects of business; you can use our professional expertise by outsourcing your finance and accounts function.

VAT Tax Planning

If you’re looking for specialist services for your VAT relayed needs in the UK, 3ES accountants, then your search is over. Many businesses are not aware of when they should register (or perhaps de-register) for VAT and are unaware that there are a variety of different VAT schemes. 3ES Accountants Ltd will advise on these matters and deal with all the paperwork on your behalf. Preparation of your VAT can be clubbed with our book-keeping & accounting services or maybe you simply want your return re-checked, either way we can help. Our service is not only limited to this. In case you find yourself in the midst of a VAT inspection or investigation, our experts will help you get out of the unfortunate event or negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

Property Tax Planning

Property market in the UK has always been a popular activity for both individuals and entrepreneurs; both within and outside the UK. However, along with the lucrative income stream, the UK government Property tax provides a substantial income stream for the UK government as well. This increased focus on the property sector, the tax rules keep shifting as the market keeps developing at a rapid pace. Property tax has become a hugely complex area, with numerous factors determining your tax position ranging from the type of property, the structure used to hold and enter into property transactions.

It is of utmost importance for individuals and businesses to review their strategies to navigate unfavorable property taxes and maximise any opportunities where possible.  Whatever your scenario, there are a range of taxation issues which will need to be addressed, as well as a number of specific tax planning aspects and opportunities to be considered. At 3ES, we provide a one stop solution for all your property related needs.

Business Process System & Design

Business processes are the foundation of any kind of business. It includes a series of repeatable steps, critical for achieving your business goal. The more efficient your processes, the better your business will perform.

To make this even simpler, let’s say the “business process” in question is the act of going on a vacation. You could do it according to memory, or you could have a process map with the exact steps. Example: The goal here is to go on vacation. To achieve this outcome, the individual has to book flight tickets and a hotel for his stay, pack the essentials that would be required, reach the Airport by either hiring a cab or driving himself there, check in at the airport and board the airplane, exit the plane at his destination airport & collect their luggage, go to the hotel, move into his room, and unpack.

As you can see, business processes are often completed in several steps. These steps are also referred to as activities, and have to be completed in a predetermined order. With the right tools and expertise, business process design is quite easy. All you have to do is map out the right steps and responsibilities. To transform your business into a cognitive enterprise,  3ES help you re-imagine your business processes and create efficient workflows to help modernize your processes and make your business run more efficiently. Our service comprises utilizing artificial intelligence, automation and the Internet of Things to create customized workflows and build tailor-made solutions to fit your target audience.

Tax Investigation

3E’s endeavors to offer its customers Fee Protection Insurance aimed at covering the cost of work that we do when it comes to investigating. We are well aware of the devastation usually caused by costs that are incurred with being investigated even in scenarios where you are positive in your defense against HM revenue and customs.This part of our services focus on being able to offer you tax assessment services either as an individual or a corporate entity. Your correspondence with the HMRC is all that is required of you, in order to grant us the opportunity to extend our expert opinion.Our par excellence tax investigation insurance service focuses on providing you the much-needed peace of mind, whenever you should find yourself or your business under HMRC’s radar.

Tax Planning

Through our outstanding tax planning services, 3E’s accountants have been able to surpass the thresholds of customer service excellence set in the industry. In order to help you plan your taxes better, our team of accountants ensure that they are there to assist ou every step of the way. The way your personal, as well as company tax affairs, are structured determines the amount of tax you pay. Our end goal together is to make sure that you are aware of the minimum accurate amount of tax that is required of you and your company.

Self-Assessment tax return

We thoroughly understand that many taxpayers struggle when it comes to understanding the complexity associated with tax returns and the ability to file them correctly; these are the main drivers for our Self-Assessment tax return services.Usually, within the first year of the regime, over 775,000 taxpayers are penalized up to £400 as a result of their failure to submit their returns within a stipulated time. At 3E’s accountants, we have constantly ensured we have saved our customers time and money by handling their self-assessment in a manner that leaves them carefree. Our expert team handles all customer computations, ensuring that returns are completed via direct engagement of the Inland Revenue for them, as we attend all of the required meetings if the need arises.

Management Accounts

Amongst our portfolio of services we offer regular management reports, allowing you to monitor cash flows, make observations on prevailing trends and be able to seek recapitalization in a way that helps you meet contractual obligations. When it comes to the provision of account management services, we apply a very unique approach comprising of, required training & application along with the provision of accounts management which is certain to cover specific areas such as cash-flow forecast, management of accounts, budgets, accounting software installation and training on its application, not to mention performance indicators. This gives the assurance that you understand the current financial position of your business.


Based on the primary documents made available to us within agreed timelines; the frequency of this activity could be on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We enable ourselves to provide excellent bookkeeping services as per your requirements. We ensure that all bookkeeping services are well handled for you; whether it is debtors listing, sales invoicing, cheque allocation, sales ledger or debt collection. At 3E’s we acknowledge the legal obligation binding businesses to maintain records and that is precisely why, we ensure that all of your sales, purchases and expense records are well maintained. Engaging our services in bookkeeping helps you avoid troublesome situations of having inadequate records or records that are not up to date, which in turn can lead to potential fines of up to £3,000 by HMRC; not to mention the additional tax bill in case the inadequate records lead to the filing of incorrect taxes. Good record-keeping is essential to keep running your business in a successful manner. Our services are aligned to ensure that you spend essential time concentrating on running your business while we handle your record-keeping duties and establish reliability and trustworthiness. We have been extending our intuitive bookkeeping services to SME’S, Accountants, and Franchisors with a focus on quality and consistency through a friendly approach working from the ground up. This assures gathering crucial information that provides you with the right decision making knowledge and provides you peace of mind at very reasonable prices.

Seed/Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS/EIS)

Though there isn’t a guaranteed surety to know if an investment is eligible for SEIS, businesses can always apply to HMRC for the Seed/Enterprise Investment Scheme advance assurance. 3E’s will help you find your way through the often confusing SEIS and its terminology. Our team of experts helps clients approach business decisions and execute them with a better understanding. We help clients raise funds for their business within the guidelines specified by SEIS. At every step of the process we guide you about the legalities and provide support in preparation of all necessary documentation.

Business Plan and Forecast

As a business owner, it is essential that you have a business plan. Having a business plan sets clear goals and laying out a roadmap to achieve them. Our team helps clients throughout the process; from development to implementation of specific business goals, ensuring business success. We work in close coordination with our clients and also help in conceptualizing a targeted business plan.

The practical application of our extensive knowledge and business insight allows us to assist clients in optimization of business budgets while outlining a business forecast plan. 3E’s business planning and forecasting expertise helps you gaze ahead and gain an edge over the competition.

IR 35 Contract Review Service

IR35 is a tax legislation aimed at recognising ‘Disguised Employees’ by the HMRC and in turn avoiding to pay tax by trading via their own company. We at 3E’s offer clients services via a company they can reap benefit from certain tax breaks. The IR35 legislation is primarily focused to ensure that you’re a genuine company and not an employee disguised as a company, just to benefit from tax breaks.

R&D Tax Credits

During our journey of providing exceptional accountancy services to our clients we have noticed that a sizable majority of business owners have missed to claim the R&D Tax Credit they are entitled to and inturn miss out on Tax Saving Opportunities. Our team of specialists ensures that you as a business owner do not miss out any possible opportunities. At 3E’s we guide our customers about the eligibility criteria for claiming R&D Tax Credits and going forward we file the claims with HMRC. With the help from our teams, customers manage to save thousands in tax bills.

Business Start-up Support

We can help with getting you that lift-off your business requires and help you turn it into a reality.

At 3E’s we will help you decide the most suitable structure your business should run by – partnership, sole trader, limited company or a limited liability partnership. Our team of experienced accountants prepares for you important business aspects like cash flow projections, trading forecasts, business plans and budgets. Establish a cordial relationship with your bank and ensure that all banking procedures are carried out smoothly. We ascertain that we stay on top of managing all your accountancy needs from VAT, payroll to bookkeeping and much more; 3E’s also helps its clients with all angles of business administration and compliance.

Year End Accounts

Year End Accounts are the foundation to determine the self-assessment tax return for both sole traders and partnership businesses.

In order to provide easier and hassle free services to our clients, we understand the immeasurable pressures faced by a business owner every day, thus we accept the data in any form.

There are a number of steps involved in the process of preparing accounts which are covered by our team of specialists. We ensure that reconciliation is done for all invoices of sale & purchase and bank transaction records of your businesses associated bank accounts are done with 100% precision.

Cloud Accounting & Support

Merely the adoption of cloud accounting opens up an ocean of benefits like; saving time and effort, automation of bank feeds, real-time reporting and cost reduction to name a few. 3E’s team of accountants provide expert assistance to clients in choosing the best suited cloud application and analytic techniques to suffice their financial reporting needs. Our experienced employees are specialised in handling major cloud accountancy platforms like Quickbooks Online, Xero and FreeAgent; this expertise gives you the assurance you need as a business owner. With 3E’s taking care of your cloud accountancy you can be assured of the most miniscule financial information pertaining to your business and also have the support and availability of an exceptional team at your disposal.

Retirement Planning

We like to simplify things for our clients and our team of experienced financial advisors take up the responsibility to offer you a bespoke retirement plan. We carefully take into consideration your health factors, lifestyle and any and every such detail so that you have a happy retired life just the way you want it to be. Our careful scrutiny and analysis of your circumstances and situation allows us to consciously advise you about the level of contributions you are required to make for funding your retirement efficiently. 3Es ensure that all clients fulfil their aspirations in life by planning ahead for retirement.

Self Assessment

We thoroughly understand that many taxpayers struggle when it comes to understanding the complexity associated with tax returns and the ability to file them correctly; these are the main drivers for our Self-Assessment tax return services.Usually, within the first year of the regime, over 775,000 taxpayers are penalized up to £400 as a result of their failure to submit their returns within a stipulated time. At 3E’s accountants, we have constantly ensured we have saved our customers time and money by handling their self-assessment in a manner that leaves them carefree. Our expert team handles all customer computations, ensuring that returns are completed via direct engagement of the Inland Revenue for them, as we attend all of the required meetings if the need arises.

Corporation tax Planning

It is evident that corporation tax usually represents a very substantial part of calculating your operating costs. This being the primary reason for you to ensure, that your corporation tax returns have been handled in an effective and professional manner. This is why we make certain that returns are handled in a manner which ensures no increased reporting obligations, robust investigations policies on the part of the tax authorities. With this we help you to avert possible harsher penalties, that come about as a result in the lack of compliance. Being specialist tax advisors, we bring forth a range of tax services geared towards assisting customers to minimize corporate tax exposure and set them free from the burden that comes with an administration of tax registration compliance. Our specific services include; determining the most precise and effective business structure, full advantage and opportunities identification when it comes to tax reliefs, optimum capital achievement as well as tax treatment, reduction of tax on disposals while maximizing relief on acquisitions, increasing tax opportunities within your industry, being your representative in front of tax authorities and finally, ensuring that customers corporate tax planning has been handled efficiently, resulting in significant improvements in their bottom line.

Cash flow Statements

As a business owner having well maintained cash flow statements gives you the insight to monitor the slow paying customers and ensures availability of sufficient amounts of funds at your disposal. Our team ensures that we maintain these for you behind the curtains while you run your business efficiently. We ensure that clients cash flow statements are carefully examined and cash is at par with company profits. 3Es clients have the assurance that net cash inflow is never lagging behind net profit figure. Having good cash flow statements in places for you as a business owner allows you to analyse where your money went and identify the trend in your business.

VAT Returns

Doesn’t matter if you’re an established business or just starting out, we are here to help you decide whether your business needs to be VAT registered or not. Well at 3E’s we just don’t stop there, we continuously monitor your business situation and if the situation becomes mandatory for you to register for VAT our team can handle all the paperwork.

To compliment this our team also provides you with advice when you’d benefit from de-registering, judging from your business position. We diligently assess and analyse the VAT schemes as per your eligibility and draw a conclusion on which one you should implement.

Payroll & RTI Submission

3E’s Accountants ensure that all of our client’s real time requirements (RTI) have been met. In the same way, verify that all of your requirements for Workplace Pension have been handled in an efficient and timely manner. All that is required of you is to send us your timesheets and we shall handle the rest. Sending us all prerequisites enables us to send your wage slips within a short time span while continuing to offer you services on issues that touch on payroll matters, redundancy as well as employment. We understand that administering your payroll is not only time-consuming, but also diverts your energy and resources from other essential aspects of your business. Specific areas that we cover include: Customized pay slips as per your requirements; Administration of PAYE that covers, statutory sick pay, national insurance, statutory maternity pay, etc. Completion of statutory forms, including year-end returns; to be issued to employees as well as for submission to Inland Revenue; Summaries and analyses of staff costs; Administration of incentive schemes, bonuses, and ex gratia and termination payments; Administration of pension schemes.

Credit Control

Effective credit control is one of the most important aspects or managing and running a successful business. At 3E’S, we not only understand how important cash flows are to a business, but also understand how burdensome credit control can be for businesses of all sizes.Our customized service focuses on dedicating time, attention and expertise to provide improved results and allow you with the time and resources to focus on core business activities.

Virtual Finance Officer

The knowledge that a financial officer brings to the business table is surely worth it but also comes at a hefty price. Our Virtual Finance Officer are here to make life easier for business owners by giving the power back to them and give them an edge over the competition. With the help of modern methodologies like cloud accounting, done via softwares like Xero and QuickBooks, our team is able to provide customers real time assistance by accessing their data irrespective of geographic location.

Company Secretarial

A limited company has certain responsibilities that must be fulfilled pertaining to the Companies Act; these include maintaining of regulated registers on Directors, Debentures, Shareholders etc. and also filing of the  Annual Confirmation Statement. The problem these tasks create can be negated by our team of experts at 3E’s, we try to offer our customers with services throughout the year to ensure their business is up and running. The team at 3E’s takes care of all services under the umbrella of company secretarial, like company formation, maintenance of statutory books, Company Name Change, Dormant Company Maintenance, Company Restoration and many more.

Business Banking

Starting a business means there’s much more to think about than just managing your bank account, so we give you the tools and expertise to to deal with it all under one roof. You know your business better than anyone else and we know business banking. Our team will help you face the future with confidence, providing you with appropriate guidance every step of the way. We offer a one stop service that can help bring your business goals to life.

Registered Office Services

3E’s understands the business requirement for availing the services of a registered office and also acknowledges that it is a service which is to be used fully for reaping maximum benefits. Customers availing this service enjoy the anonymity that comes along with it because we know that every business owner does not want unsolicited mail or visitors. Any and all official correspondence received from HMRC and Companies House is delivered directly to you official accountants and taken care of within a fixed time frame. We take care of the entire process from end to end, to change your existing official address to that of 3E’s.

Business Valuation

Business Valuation is the term coined for the process implied by business owners to determine the economic value of the business or company as a whole. Our team of experts acknowledges the fact that valuation is not merely crunching business numbers, but also understanding its dynamics and key variables. The team’s extensive experience allows them to analyse and choose from various valuation methodologies. In combination to this our exhaustive sector knowledge and analysis allow us to offer customers value-added advice.

Business Due-Diligence

Acquisitions are generally considered by businesses to strengthen their value, enhance the company’s position in the market and accelerate the growth of the business.  However, it is of utmost importance to carefully manage and review these acquisitions to ensure that they are a success. Prior to making an acquisition, it is essential that you make an informed investment decision in order to enhance shareholder value. Ensuring, you have a clear understanding of the acquisition target’s business.

Our financial due diligence team are worth their weight in gold. We help you analyze and validate every aspect of an acquisition, ensuring you understand exactly what you’re buying, and giving proactive advice to make sure you’re purchasing the right business at the right price.

Company Formation overseas

Many of our customers are forming a company for the first time, so we’ve made the process as simple as possible. The formation of a company can be surprisingly complex, especially in an overseas market. We understand that no two markets are the same, procedures, timelines, languages, costs and requirements can differ wildly – not only from country to country but also in different states and provinces.We understand that every penny counts when starting your own business and that’s why we’ve made an affordable range of products and services; with clear, transparent and competitive pricing. Our team is fully equipped to provide support and technical advice throughout the life of your company.

Company Formation

Our Company Formation services focus on helping your business to take off and guide you throughout your journey. Being contracted through a Limited Company ensures you are able to reach tax efficiency, enabling you to earn more from your business. Amongst an array of services, we help you understand the exact amount of money payable when it comes to starting your own limited company. We also assist in sending out invoices and filling out your spreadsheets as a new business entity. By ensuring that you have a clear vision of your target customers, we are able to advise you on precisely the kind of steps you should take economically, to be successful. We offer customer centric advice to you fit a pool of customers ranging from, but not limited to, contractors, freelance IT Contractors, Doctors, Pharmacist, Dentist, Artist, Writers, CIS contractors.

Other companies and professionals that we offer our services to include:

  • Property developers
  • Investors
  • Traders
  • Off Licenses Business & Restaurants
  • Charities and Trusts
  • Travel Agencies
  • Estate Agents
  • Online Traders